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Why Need 3DS Emulator for Playing Nintendo Games?

Nintendo is a leading gaming console that is being used by millions of players all over the world. Every year, there are hundreds of newer games with thousands of advanced features get released with Nintendo marking its reputation higher. However, for ardent gamers who would like to enjoy their Nintendo games on their PC or laptop, the only professional simulation software available is the emulateur 3ds. This software enables you to emulate Nintendo games without any compromise over the game quality, control, functionality and even game definition.

With the help of 3DS emulator one can enjoy unlimited Nintendo gaming in their PC as it supports fuller version of most of the Nintendo games. There are basically two types of 3Ds emulators available online. One is the standard version and the other one is the 3DS emulator pro.

The following are few among the highlights of the 3Ds emulator standard version:

  • The Nintendo games can be played on a PC without any compromise over the game’s 3D effect.

  • Any number of games can be played. As of now at least 750 games can be played with a minimum of 250 HD games.

  • The program does nto require installation as it runs instantly after the download process.

  • The emulator versions are available for different Windows versions like Vista, OS 7 and more.

  • This software also allows the users to customize the gaming options and game definition like picture quality, clarity, frame speed and more.

  • This software also helps in easy sharing of online game feeds and updates.

The Emulateur 3DS Pro highlights:

  • Players can enjoy their game in higher resolution and it supports more HD games than the first one.

  • The players can also enjoy dual screen mode while playing gmaes in 2D. The dual screen mode cannot be processed during 3D play.

  • Online feeds sharing, game score sharing and more is possible.

  • Multiplayers gaming option is also available with easy screenshots features.

This emulateur 3ds is absolutely free as it is a well-known freeware available online. There are few paid versions of emulators also available online. by filling up a simple survey or a form online, the players are given access to download the emulator file that is not corrupt or does not cause any malfunctioning. One has to just download this file and open it in their system in order to enjoy its functionality as this emulator does not even require any special installation or system reboot!!

Free PS Vita tricks online

There is a treat for PS Vita lovers that they surely will enjoy a lot. The PS Vita lovers can now enjoy unlimited gaming experience using some very useful PS Vita hacks available online. There is even no worry about the code regeneration and expiry as these PS Vita hacks generated from the generateur de code psn are genuine and well-tested.

So take a look at the list of some very useful hacks for the PS Vita consoles:

  • Easy Screenshots

In the earlier PS Vita versions it was hard to take a screenshot of the game progress without affecting the gameplay of your game. But now you can easily to do it that too without affecting your gameplay. All you do is click on the PS button and hold the start button all together. A white flash on screen as well as a shutter sound will appear and your screenshots will be successfully saved to the photo gallery.


  • Adjustable brightness

You can adjust the brightness of your OLED PS Vita in between the gameplay that too without affecting your game progress. You don’t even need to pause the game for adjusting the brightness. All you do is press and hold PS button on your console. An option for adjusting screen brightness will be shown and within seconds you can adjust the brightness without disturbing your game progress even a bit.


  • Increased game quality

Now you can enjoy more than 250 games on your PS Vita in full HD quality. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay a single penny more to do so. With a simple game setting change you can play these games in HD quality. Click on the Settings and then select the Bilinear filtering option and the Color space option to get the game output in HD.


This and even more can be achieved on your PS Vita using a good and genuine PS Vita hack. And for this you will have to subscribe to a good code generator. Through this code generator you not only get free hacks but also get unlimited access to all the games and the games level available on the PlayStation Network. So just download the code generator according to your OS (Windows or Mac) and install it on your PC. And after installation you can generate free codes for unlimited gaming access on PlayStation Network. All of this only in return of simple surveys or offers you will have to complete in order to get these code generators online.